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  • What is Meta Utopia?
    As the name implies, it’s a self-sustaining digital “utopia” by the community, for the community, designed for one purpose: to give back to the people. Meta Utopia is being built in the leading Metaverse platform, The Sandbox, by industry leading game development agency CGame with the purpose of creating a powerful metaverse experience. Meta Utopia is a virtual ecosystem that consists of Amaurot, the capital city & 54 cities, each owner by a member of the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that drive the development of the project & make collective decisions to drive the project forward. In Meta Utopia, the community has a voice & that voice is heard. With a full play-to-earn metaverse experience launching in Q3 of 2023, Meta Utopia will have an immersive MOBA experience & a fully immersive virtual economy with real world businesses and powerful products & services.
  • What can you do in Meta Utopia?
    The options are limitless. Imagine a real world economy & just how many opportunities would await. Meta Utopia is creating a bridge between real business & the virtual world, so that you can immerse yourself in an entire digital economy, but unlike the physical economy, you get a historical opportunity to own a part of this digital economy.
  • Why The Sandbox?
    The Sandbox is the leading metaverse platform with over 40 million downloads & 1 million monthly active users. All of the biggest names in the world, including major world banks such as HSBC & DBS are in The Sandbox. By launching our play-to-earn metaverse experience in the Sandbox, we stand to gain massive exposure that drives traffic to Meta Utopia & lays the foundation for greater partnerships with big brands, A-list celebrities, & major banks.
  • Who Owns Meta Utopia?
    Meta Utopia is not a company, it is a decentralized project built by the community, for the community. It is collectively owned by all of the DAO city owners & the holders of Meta Utopia NFTs & together with the wider community, & have full control collectively of the future path the project takes.
  • Why trust a decentralized project?
    If you could go back to 2009, knowing what you know now, would you buy Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the biggest “anonymous & decentralized” project in the world & is now globally recognized & even used as a reserve currency in numerous countries. The point is, the greatest project that ever existed in this industry & that even caused its creation was fully decentralized & anonymous. This forces unparalleled transparency & trust. It is easier to trust an automated & fully decentralized system than a human, because this ecosystem cannot be altered & cannot be stopped, just like Bitcoin.
  • What is a DAO & what does that mean for me & the project?
    A DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is a fully anonymous organization of individuals around the globe that operate collectively, with no ownership or management. The rules are defined by a smart contract that cannot be changed by anyone, even the original creators. By having a DAO, that means that our community can vote & collectively drive the future of the project, meaning we can adapt to this ever evolving industry & our community has control over the project & it’s future. This can be the difference between success & failure in many situations & eliminates the bureaucracy & red tape of having a “higher management” that can make catastrophic mistakes to the detriment of a project.
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